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Born and raised in Perry, Georgia, Dr. Thomas Shelton and Dr. Louis Shelton are proud to serve their home town and surrounding community with a dental practice structured around family.

Sons to Mr. Charles and Mrs. Nelle Shelton, the twin doctors have always had a focus on family and community. After graduating from the Medical College of Georgia in 1994, they came back to Perry to practice dentistry and give back the support they had been given.

Serving the area in the way of dental needs is only one facet of Dr.s “Thomas” and “Louis”. Perry Dental Associates gives back by supporting local charities such as Covenant Care Adoption Services, First Love Ministry, Focus on the Family, and numerous school and community outreach projects.Thomas serves as a deacon at the Perry Presbyterian church, and Louis serves on the board of Grace Church of Perry.The doctors are also involved in the Middle GA Tech education and career programs to help mold the next generation of dental professionals. But, when all is said and done, both doctors claim that nothing should come before glorifying God through loving Him first and loving others as Christ exemplified.

“It’s more than just a smile,” says Dr. Louis, “The smile comes from inside.”He often shares what God has taught him through his bout with cancer, and always has a listening ear for patients going through similar trials.Dr. Thomas adds that “a hand written note can show that we really care when you’ve had a loss or a celebration in your family”.


Dr. Thomas Shelton (Left), Dr. Louis Shelton (Right)